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Haze is a company well known for their quality tobacco and they have stepped into the charcoal game with their (not so new but new to me) Haze coconut coals. Along with many other coconut coals, Haze has a bit of a problem when it comes to size consistency.
Regardless of the experience of a smoker, a bad session is something that can unexpectedly occur. No one likes wispy smoke, or lackluster flavor and with any luck I am going to help those of you having some issues getting that perfect session.
Just as with anything else, proper maintenance is important to keeping your hookah smoking perfectly. No one likes to smoke apple just for it to taste like that mint you smoked the night before. Ghosting flavors can ruin a session and you need to get rid of them. What you need is to give your hookah a nice bath. The basic tools you will need are a sponge, cleaning brush, and lemon juice (you will see why).
Exotica is back at it with some more square shaped finger style coals. Can’t blame them though, this design is wonderful and makes using finger styles enjoyable. As we have seen with the other square coals produced by Exotica, they don’t have roll around like typical finger coals.
The Kaloud Lotus is the original offering from Kaloud. The Lotus is an interesting and effective new approach to heat management for your hookah. No longer are the days of fumbling with foil, poking holes, or wrestling with wind covers. The Kaloud Lotus combines all of that into a simple, easy to use device that can greatly improve the experience of a hookah session.
The Kaloud Samsaris is the latest offering from Kaloud, a bowl to match the Lotus. The bowl is able to perfectly fit a Lotus, locking it into place. This is because the bowl is made from silicone, not a very common material for bowls. Silicone has some great benefits, most important is durability.
Cocobuzz has something going for it that most other coals don’t, they are made by Starbuzz a company that knows what they are doing when it comes to shisha. Right off the bat you will notice the biggest difference between these coals and others, Cocobuzz 2.0 coals are very large.  Being cube shaped you would expect them to be decently large but Cocobuzz coals even put other cube shaped coals, like Coco Mazaya, to shame.
Exotica has figured out how to do finger style coals properly and they bring that back with these square shaped bamboo finger coals. Making their coals square have a benefit over typical finger coals, they cannot roll around. Just like the other coals produced by Exotica these are scored along the top, although unlike their coconut coals (that come in the red box), they only fit three coals per finger.
Hookah-Hookah’s Evolution herbal shisha line is one that tosses out what someone typically thinks of as an herbal shisha. Instead of using sugar cane, they have opted to use tea leaves. The cut of the leaves were pretty average for shisha, not exactly large but definitely not tiny. This herbal shisha is so moist that it is quite literally soaked. The smell is accurate, so accurate that I thought it was a real dragon fruit.
HookaH-HookaH Blueberry Freeze is a perfect name for what this tobacco is aiming to taste like. The smell is wonderful, and very reminiscent of the name. Your nose is hit with a cooling sensation accompanied by a sweet, candy like blueberry. While I cannot place exactly what this reminds me of, the scent is familiar to me. Super moist, undyed tobacco, a small cut and no stems in the entire package is a huge plus. In my opinion more companies should aim for this.