Hookah Accessories

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Hookah accessories let you customize your hookah with personal and unique accessories making it stand out from the crowd or simply replace a missing hookah part. Hookah Hub's hookah accessories will both save you time and make setting up your new hookah far more convenient and enjoyable. We have all of the hookah hoses, bowls, vases and hookah friendly accessories you are looking for.
Khanjar Medium Black Hookah Stem Save 10%
$9.95 $8.95
Khanjar Hookah Charcoal Tray Save 10%
$5.95 $5.35
Khanjar Medium Gold Hookah Stem Save 10%
$9.95 $8.95
Kaloud Samsaris Silicon Hookah Bowl Save 10%
$29.95 $26.95
Large Sahara Jinn Hookah Stem Matte Save 10%
$79.95 $71.95
Medium Leaf Sahara Hookah Vase 8.5" Save 10%
$47.95 $43.15
Medium Wake Sahara Hookah Vase 7.5" Save 10%
$47.95 $43.15