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Hookah Accessories

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Hookah accessories allow you to customize your hookah with unique products to make it stand out from the crowd or simply replace a piece that has broken or suddenly gone missing. Many of our accessories will save you time and make setting up your hookah more convenient and enjoyable. We offer all the hoses, bowls, vases and user friendly parts you could want. Make all of your hookah smoking sessions as convenient and as gratifying as possible with our wide range of hookah accessories.
Khanjar Scar Hookah Vase 6" Save 24%
$32.99 $24.95
Khanjar Surrender Hookah Vase 6" Save 26%
$22.99 $16.95
Khanjar Night Hookah Vase 6" Save 26%
$22.99 $16.95
Khanjar Insight Hookah Vase 6" Save 26%
$22.99 $16.95
Medium Red Sahara Glass Hookah Stem Save 24%
$88.99 $67.95
Medium Leaf Sahara Hookah Vase 8.5" Save 24%
$62.99 $47.95
Large Sahara Nar Hookah Stem Matte Save 24%
$88.99 $67.95
Khanjar Medium Silver Hookah Stem Save 23%
$12.99 $9.95