Hookah Vases

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Whether you want a different look or you are in need of a replacement vase, choose from our wide selection of hand blown Sahara hookah vases such as the Stripe, Dragon, Filigree, Vulcan, Essence, and more. Check out the interesting shapes and colors like the Galaxy, Venom, Nemesis, Surreal, Vapor, Kiss Supernova, Jinn Barracuda, Vibe, Smoke Dome Tsunami, and others. We also have a full line of Khanjar hookah vases to grab your attention. With so many excellent styles, designs, and sizes it’ll be easy to find your perfect vase.
Large Venom Sahara Hookah Vase 11" Save 23%
$90.99 $69.95
Medium Vibe Sahara Hookah Vase 7.5" Save 24%
$62.99 $47.95
Small Hypnos Sahara Hookah Vase 6" Save 24%
$49.99 $37.95
Large Persia Sahara Hookah Vase 10" Save 23%
$103.99 $79.95
Medium Leaf Sahara Hookah Vase 8.5" Save 24%
$62.99 $47.95
Large Hive Sahara Hookah Vase 10" Save 23%
$103.99 $79.95
Khanjar Shockwave Hookah Vase 6" Save 24%
$32.99 $24.95