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this website is amazing, and shipping is so fast, i got my order within 2 days i am definatly buying from here again!!!
This is the only site I get my supplies from. The service is second to none. The choice of flavors are amazing. I'm off on vacation in about 3 weeks and will be taking my hookah along. I can't tell you how much I love your service and products. Thank you for making my hookah experience awesome!!
I really LOVE the Starbuzz Tabocco!! Thick clouds makes me feel like Puff the Magic Dragon! Everything about my hookah is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! From the time I ordered the stuff to time I got it delivered to my house it took 3 days!! Impeccable timing!! Love it!!!
I love this site! I had a service issue and was promptly rewarded! When I order, my merchandise is always delivered on time.
I have turned many friends on to it. I wish there were more Hookah Models available, but the shisha selection is out of this world!
This site really impressed me. The prices of the shisha was very reasonable, and Ilike that the shipping ins't very expensive either. It was my first time on this site and I didn't notice the March promotions, but when e-mailed after placing my order, they added the promotion right away. I also like that the brands carried here are all very good quality.
Great service, fast shipping. Had a problem with my order and they took care of me very promptly. I recommend this site to everyone, Definately will be a valued consumer!!
I order from this place at least 2 times a week their awesome about shipping fast and getting to the customer I'm probably their number one customer ....I love the products they are !!!!!
i am very happy with the items i have gotten def going to shop here for my future hookah needs
Wow!! you guys are amazing!! thank you so much you guys are top notch and i'm looking forward to much more business with you in the near future!! thanks again!!!! A+++++++ Great product! Fastest shipping!! Best Customer Service!!! I wont buy from anyone else!
Ordered for the first time off this website a few days ago, not only fast/free shipping but great quality & extras included! Very pleased :)
I ordered a hookah for my brother for Christmas and I was worried it would not arrive here in time; three days later though it arrived. The shipping was extremely fast and the hookah looks amazing! I am so exited to try it out! Thanks Hookah Hub!
I bought my first hookah from this site today, and it was so easy, everyone should do it...
Excellent Service Guys! I just ordered my hookah package Monday night and received it Wednesday at around noon. I knew you were fast, but not that fast. I will certainly be doing for business with Hookah Hub in the future. Thanks
Have picked out a hookah I wanted in a matter of minutes by a reasonable price. Excellent service, keep it up guys.
This is the second time i have ordered from hookahhub.. good prices and very satified with merch quality.. hookahub is the only site i have and will order from ;)
Wow ! I could not be more impressed with hookahhub.com!! Not only did my order get shipped on time, and delivered on time, my email requesting information got answered within a few hours. I also got the best price available. HOOKAHHUB.COM SETS THE BAR ON CUSTOMER SERVICE. You have my business for as long as I have a hookah. FIVE STARS AND TWO THUMBS UP!!!!! THANK YOU FOR GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!! I AM LOVING MY HOOKAH
Not only was the customer service amazing. The product I recieved surpassed all expectations I had. My girl friend absolutely loved the pipes and flavors I bought. i will definately be doing business with them again.
I had ordered some Shisha unknowing the laws in my state had changed on selling online. I was confused at first but the customer service was extremely quick to let me know what had happened, and even threw in a replacement substitute. I will be buying from here again!
Amazing customer service!! I emailed a ticket request inquiring about shipping time because I needed it in time for my boyfriend's birthday, surging an hour I had a response and tracking for my order. Definitely doing business with hookah hub for all my hookah accessories in the future. Thank you for a great customer service experience!
I ordered the 20" Arabic hookah with a double hosed Nar stem, and Just got it today. It is Beautiful! Ordered it on Saturday, didnt get processed until tuesday. Shipped on tuesday and Got to me today in California on Saturday around noon. Soo overall the whole process took exactly 1 week. The Hookah came packaged extremely great, alot of bubble wrap and it came inside of a free backpack. I got Large velvet hoses and a regular ceramic bowl. The vase is Gorgeous! It came with the Shisha that I ordered and 6 free shots in pretty good flavors. I'm extremely happy with the order and Everything was great! Thank you Hookah Hub!
From now on, I will buy all hookah related products exclusively from these guys. I bought 2 hookahs. I needed 2 day delivery. When they did not arrive on time, not only did they refund my money, they gave me the hookahs for FREE! CUSTOMER SERVICE CANNOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT...
Ordered my hookah last week and it got here FAST. It came with more stuff than what I thought I was going to get I am very pleased with my purchase and the way Hookah Hub does business. I will be back to get all my hookah needs. Thanks to the people at Hookah Hub for making my day. It was a VERY SMOOTH transaction. Thanks guys.
I placed an order the other day and decided that I had selected the wrong shipping option and that I would like to upgrade to a larger hookah. The customer service dept was wonderful. I was told my package was already processed and ready to go... but not only did they respond to my request in under an hour but they waived my cancellation charge, and let me re-order what I wanted. Most companies would have told me I was outta luck and would have made me receive and then return the package at my own expense. Now I eagerly await my package!
Incredible customer service! I've ordered tobacco online many of times but this companies customer service and prices can't be beat!

Everything that was wrong with my order (only shipping) was my error, instead of upgrading to usps i selected the basic ups. I tried to rectify this, i wanted better shipping so i was going to pay for better shipping. Well customer service bumped me up for nothing, thats a $10 difference i believe.

My only mistake is that i didn't buy a hookah from them, i purchased from a different company, that charged me almost 3 times the price.

I can't wait till my order arrives, Hookahhub shopper for life.
The hookah I bought is for my boyfriend for Christmas, and all I have to say is WOW! It exceeded my expectations, the shipping was fast, and I LOVE the oodles of free stuff that comes with the purchase! I definitely recommend buying from them, and I will purchase from here in the future.
I got my hookah in the mail in three days, however the base was broken! I called HookahHub and they sent me a new one in 2 days! This company is greatt!!
Ordered from Canada and got the package in one week (without a hitch) which I was quite pleased about. They also threw in a bunch of free samples which I wasn't expecting at all so thanks! It is unfortunate to have to pay a fair bit for shipping, but like they say on their site, it still works out to be much cheaper than buying shisha here. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again!
The hooka i ordered was perfect, it was shipped well protected even came with a pretty sweet carrying bag, tongs and mouth piece tips which i didnt know were comming with. Also got all my flavors of tobacco 10 ordered and they included the october special extra 6 flavors and didnt repeat the flavors for a nice variety! A+ company to order your hookah from. Box was descrete too so my girlfriend didnt know what it was i got for her!
It is better than the picture. The flavors are great. The first one I tried was grahm crackers. The entire house actually smells like them.
Should be a higher rating than Excellent!

When there was an error in my order, they upgraded my shipping got my order the very next day! It was wonderful and the products are high quality, will definitely be a frequent customer!
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