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WOW! the shipping from Hookah Hub is SUPER FAST! i order my girlfriend the zen 10' hookah with all the goodies for a birthday present with standard shipping on the 25th,, today the 27th it just arrived at my door on a saturday! wow i am very impressed! after reviewing the quality of everything that came im very very impressed,, and jealous lol,, im planing on ordering me one asap! Hookah Hub ROCKS!
Wow! Everything a first time hookah buyer could only imagine. Biggest Selection of supplies, awesome customer service, and the best prices on the planet. Not to mention shipping was super fast! Definitely a long term customer!
Thanks for such a great experience=]
I am much more than satisfied with the shipment and product. The free starter kit that comes with is such a great addition and at SUCH an amazing price! Thanks!
My first order and my first hookah, both were great everything from the shipping to the carrying bag it comes in were great
Great prices and OUTSTANDING customer satisfaction. I will be buying all my hookah products from here. I give this place an A++++++++++
Can I rate beyond excellent?? What amazing prices and quick turn around. I have been hookah-less for 3 years now. I have been shopping for weeks. Thank God I stumbled across you guys. Best deals ANYWHERE!!! Ordered on Thursday. Got it on Saturday morning. Hookah Hub has made my weekend.!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I will use you for all my purchases. I can buy tobacco right down the street but I wont since I love you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I ordered my first Hookah 2 days ago and I just got it today. Amazing quality. Amazing ship and delivery time. I give this place 5 Stars! You're doin it right!
hi there hookies!!! i just received my new(and 1st) hookah. i am x-tremeley pleased with all the service that i received!!! it came a day earlier than estimated and came with every little thing it said it would. i love my wee zen hookah!!!! so Yummy!!!
thank you for solving the issue with my order so quickly- there will definitely be orders in the future.. thx again!
Thank you for solving the issue with my order so quickly - there will definitely be orders in the future.. thx again!
Just received my new Hookah (and my first)! Hookah Hub done everything they said and I couldn't be any more happy!!! The packaging was excellent, nothing was missing or damaged, any they even through in a few extra's! I'm really enjoying my first hookah experience! I don't have to shop anywhere else but with these guys.
Thanks for the service!
The help staff at Hookah Hub are excellent at helping with any questions, I had an issue with shipping as parts of my order were missing, but my problem was handled quickly and Dave was awesome about it. I am really pleased with the service and the business here, I will be placing all my orders for shisha in the future with Hookah Hub, not to mention, everything is amazingly priced!!
i just bought my first hookah today from here! the site is very easy to use and extremely helpful to newcomers. all the things i hear about this site are very good and so far i believe its all true! i'm really looking forward to getting my hookah. i got the little zen hookah, 23 bucks! cant beat it, plus they give you loads of freebies! i give this place five stars... y'all have a new customer for LIFE!
Good prices and decent shipping time. This was my first order. One package of tobacco was expired. I contacted them to start the exchange process. The response time was great. When i was having issues doing the return, David was more than helpful. He guided me through it all. They were out of the original flavor i wanted and he let me pick another. Excellent service and communication! I'm buying everything for my hookah from them from now on!
I made my order on a Friday, and got it the next Tuesday. Monday was Yom Kippur, so I wasn't even expecting it until Thursday. I even got some freebies! Thanks for the great service!
Everything was awesome! Customer service is fantastic, shipping was fast, and the products were in great condition! I'm very satisfied with everything-couldn't be better! I loved everything they included in the package. Hookahhub is definitely my recommendation!
I ordered my 1st hookah from you guys & boy was I surprised with how little time it took for delivery. I actually thought it would of been 11 days like most companies. I will definitely order from you guys again :)
I'm so happy I found this place! So completely trustworthy, excellent customer service, wonderful products. I'm NEVER shopping anywhere else, can't beat the prices or the absolutely amazing service. Everything was shipped so fast, and with extra little goodies packed away. I've recommended this site to all my Hookah-buds and will continue to do so if someone ever asks.

I will recommend Hookah Hub to every hookah lover I know. I am very satisfied with their service. When I asked them a question about my order they were also very helpful and answered all my questions. My order arrived fast too. So definitely excellent service!
I love the hookah but more than that love the service. Super quick response to a small mistake. I will continue to shop here. Also, this has become a new gift idea for friends.
Their prices are great, they shipped fast, and the Hookah's fantastic! Very friendly, helpful, and speedy service. If something goes wrong you can at least contact them, you can't do that if you buy a hookah at some corner store or small website.
WOW! There was such excellent service - when one of the products I ordered was sold out, I got a phone call to find out what I would like instead! The package arrived quickly, very well packaged, and with some little extra goodies packed inside! Even with Canadian customs, everything went better than I could have hoped - I will be buying my shisha tobacco from Hookah Hub from now on!
1st hookah...love it! Super fast shipping. Thanks guys!!!
I order online items from various companies quite often and never have I been as satisfied with an order as this. I have come to expect exactly what is described if not less when making an order, but this was simply not the case with Hookah Hub. I received my order far earlier than the maximum possible days, which is rare to say the least. I found, upon opening the package, far more goodies and extras than I had expected and the hookah worked wonderfully! Perfect order, well done!
My order only came with half the freebies it was supposed to (no big deal. My order came in fine). I emailed them and they sent it very quickly. Will order from again. Thanks!
When ordering through Hookah Hub, not only did I receive my order within two days after processing, when the base came in broken, I submitted a ticket, and had the problem fixed all within a few days. I don't think any other company would give such good service for such a good price. Thanks Hookah Team.
I have purchased 4 pipes and over 100 containers of tobacco from your company and I have several friends who have become avid hooka lovers. I first smoked from hooka in Thailand on a fun filled trip with a friend. It was a blast and I went back a couple months later and purchased my first pipe and carried it home to Louisiana. Since I have shared with many friends and it is a real treat to show people the first taste of the smooth tobacco flavor. Thanks for the best deals and best selection. JLW
Although the (*Canadian) Govt. stuck their bloody noses in the first time my item was shipped, Hookah Hub IMMEDIATELY replaced my order, and sent it another way. BRAVO! for David and Hookah Hub!. Product arrived safe and sound, in about the same time it would have for FedEx! I have not tried it out yet, but am looking forward to smoking the quality Tobacco I purchased. 6 Stars out of 5 stars for SERVICE !! Thank You! *Added by HookahHub.com to clarify which government, thank you.
Love the products, love the prices, and love the speed that it gets to me! Thanks Hookah Hub, I don't plan on shopping anywhere else!
Had ordered one thing and got another. Was very pleased with how quickly and efficiently it was handled. thank you.
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