Hookah Setup Guide

Hookah Diagram

  • After unpacking your new hookah you should give your vase, bowl and stem a rinse with water. Do not rinse the hose unless you have purchased a washable hose.
  • Take the glass vase and insert the large vase grommet into the vase opening. Then place the stem into the vase and check to make sure there is a tight seal and the stem doesn't wobble around and everything is airtight.
  • For optimal flavor its best to change the water in the vase before every smoking session. Fill your vase with cold water and fill it so that your down-stem is submerged one inch into the water. Now this is where you get to be creative. You can add beer, liquor, wine or juice into the vase and create unique flavors by complimenting your liquid flavor and shisha flavor. For example pore pineapple juice into the vase and add coconut flavored shisha and you’ve created a Maui Wowi. You can be as creative as you want as the possibilities are endless.
  • Take the smaller bowl grommet and place it on the top of the stem and then place your bowl snugly on top of the grommet. You want to make sure you clean the stem and bowl every few smoking sessions for optimal smoking flavor.
  • Take the hose and the small cone shaped hose grommet and insert them into the hose extension/adaptor. Ensure you have a nice tight fit. Then blow into the hose to ensure everything is clear. Then inhale to check that the amount of water is correct. You should hear bubbling sound from the water in the vase. If you don't hear this sound then you have added to much water. After you’ve got your water level correct place your hand over the bowl and inhale very deeply if you feel a slight pull on your hand then your hookah is airtight and ready to smoke.
  • When filling your bowl with shisha, a good rule to follow is less is more. If you fill your bowl with shisha too tightly or add too much shisha then you will end up wasting your shisha as the coals will not burn to the bottom of the bowl. It’s better to create a smaller, loosely packed bowl to optimize your smoke as well as being more efficient with you shisha usage. To keep your shisha tobacco freshest the longest, store it in an airtight container.
  • Never place coals directly on your shisha tobacco. You need to use a metal screen or aluminum foil and wrap the top of bowl tightly. If you use foil you need to poke random holes in the top of the bowl. You can use a fork, toothpick, the poker attached to the end of the tongs or a plastic hole puncher.
  •  The type of charcoal you choose to use is a personal choice, but in all honesty all of the choices out there are pretty good, some are just better in specific situations.
    • Quick light charcoal is best when you are going out with your hookah. It’s easy to use, compact and doesn't require a heating element. All you need is a standard lighter to light it. Take metal tongs and hold a lighter up to the coal. Wait a minute or so until the coal is red hot. It’s always best to place the coal on the edges of the bowl. You’ll need to play “ring around the shisha bowl” as your tobacco will start to burn and you’ll start to taste a burnt flavor. Move the coals every few minutes for optimal flavor.
    • Natural charcoal is the best choice for pure flavor and the choice of most hookah connoisseurs. However this coal needs some type of heat source to be lit. You can use a coil burner from Walmart or any hardware store. You can also use other lighting options like propane stoves, propane fire pits, wood fire pits, etc. When your coals are bright red they are ready to use. For both charcoal choices its best start 2-3 coals so that you have the option of adding or removing one coal to adjust to the weather or temperature.
  • Using the hose inhale to get the shisha tobacco going. This will take a few minutes of inhaling before you will begin to see billows of smoke escaping your mouth. If you find that the smoke is harsh on your throat then try moving your coals around or removing one of your coals. If you are inhaling deeply and find no smoke coming out then you need to add that third coal and keep inhaling until you have ignited the shisha tobacco again. Once you have a large cloud of smoke when you exhale then it’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy your new hookah!