Hookah Smoke Tricks

Hookah tricks or hookah smoke tricks, as they are often called, can be really amazing to see! That's why we went to YouTube and gathered the very best hookah tricks videos we could find. The tricks that these people can do with hookah smoke is truly crazy!


Hookah Smoke Tricks Video #1

This video the "hookah trickster" takes the time to both show you his tricks and explain how you can reproduce them on your own. He's done a great job and explains in detail how you can do the same hookah tricks.



Hookah Smoke Tricks Video #2

In this video you'll probably want to fast forward to around the 2 minute mark as the intro is 2 minutes long. You'll see in this video that one of our most popular hookahs, the Nemesis 30" hookah is being used.


Hookah Smoke Tricks Video #3

This is another very informative and instructional hookah tricks video rather than an entertaining video. The two guys are focused on teaching you how to duplicate the smoke tricks they do in their video.