Absolutely love this website and their staff. I've purchased a couple times from this website and any assistance needed were quick and you can tell they want you to have a good experience. Thanks again for your help!
Good prices good customer service. Cant ask for much more. Had an issue but it was resolved quickly without any headache. Will definitely be buying from this website again.
A++ I saw this hookah at a local shop and thought it was really cool but they wanted way too much money. I got it from hookah hub for less than half the asking price at the local shop. Even better, I ordered the hookah before noticing hookah hub was offering free shipping, I sent them an email and they refunded my shipping costs! That's amazing customer service! I ordered it Monday night, was refunded shipping costs Tuesday morning and my pipe arrived on Thursday. Very impressed with the service.!! Thank you so much. thank you so much hookah hub, I look forward to doing business with you I'm he future!
Great selection! Great customer service! Thumbs up!
Excellente selections! Excellent service à la clientèle! Que du positif à dire!
Thank You! To Dave for his excellent customer service. Best Wishes!

Chuck H.
Shisha is tough to come by in Canada - these guys rule.

If you contemplating - don't just order up a week or so before and voila. Tossed me a few samples too - well played.
Awesome service, fast shipping to Canada! Will be back for more!!!!
My Wife and I are in Winnipeg, Canada. We looked at a lot of sites before choosing HookahHub and are thankful we did. The service to Canada is excellent, We have recommended you to all our friends. Thank you!
Love my new pink hookah!!! And fast delivery !!! I plan on passing the word
Great and timely customer service!
It is great site .. I am really happy to deal with it
Best place to order if you're looking for quality and price and shipping to Canada! Customs eyeballed it for ages, but other than that, the shipping was speedy and I'm pleased. Will be back again.
I have looked at other sites before this and I am happy that I ordered form here. The start up kit is much needed and appreciated. I order my hookah Friday morning and received it Tuesday afternoon just before I left to go to work.
Fantastic site! i ordered my hookah on the 22nd, and i received it on the 24th, and this was just with UPS ground service, but they also threw in 4 free flavors... Definitely recommend this place!
I looked at many sites before deciding to purchase a pipe and the testimonials are all true! The quality of the gear, the level of customer service and the experience of shipping to Canada is amazing!
Had a problem with my order and customer service didnt hesitate to solve my problem! It was fast and easy! Cant wait to get my shipment!
Shipping was prompt, my pipe arrived in perfect condition, the shisha was beyond fresh, and the free extras were to die for. I will only use hookahhub.com from now on!
I am so impressed with my order. The shipping was super fast. I submitted my order Wednesday night about 1am and it was at my door Friday before noon. The hookah is gorgeous and there was even extra tobacco in with it. I am so happy with this site. I will definitely be ordering from you again.
Fantastic service! The package came on time, I loved the product that I have recieved. This site is honestly the best!
My ceramic stem broke when I was putting it on the base and I email customer service about getting a replacement and I was about 2 or 3 weeks out of the warrant period. I spoke to David Jones the Customer Support Manager and he did help me out after sending his pictures of the stem being broke. He assured me he will email me with a tracking number once the stem has been shipped. Thank you so much
Placed my order on Christmas eve, got my two hookahs on January 2nd, great considering the holidays. Everything arrived better than anticipated, I will definitely do business here again.
Fast shipping, great products...even across the border :-). I will be ordering again, you guys rock. thank you!
Will buy from here again, great shipping really fast and so many choices.
Excellent product and amazingly fast delivery! Had a question about set up and online support was very clear. Thank you.
A few weeks ago i ordered a hookah, it came super fast, and works amazingly. thee best hookah i have ever used. Just a few days ago i bought some more things to go with it. I messed the order up quite badly, but the awesome customer support, David, helped me a ton and sorted out everything i messed up. Highly recommend this site for all your hookah needs!
Great shipping, received everything I was supposed to with a little extra. The items received were of great quality.
I thought I might leave a review. Phone service and online service was great 5/5. Shipping is fast and only 2 business days past for my to receive my order 5/5. The product I ordered great 4/5 (No instructions for my first hookah was kinda a disappointment) Other than that great. I'll be ordering my hookah refills right after this.
Amazing speed of shipping. Ordered my hookah at 3 AM Wednesday and it arrived by 2 PM Thursday. Truely outstanding service!
Super fast delivery. I made my order on Thursday evening and they just delivered it a few minutes ago on Saturday. I am so excited and am now going to open it. I will definitely be ordering from them again.
Easy order process, fast shipping and everything arrived exactly as I ordered. my new Pandora hookah is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely recommend this site to everyone
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