These Guys are the best. I searched Dozens of shops and site and I still have yet to find people that care and a better deal for what I wanted. But, I had a small Problem with my order due to the fact that the lighter I wanted as out of stock. They couldn't get me the lighter but they did take care of me and made sure I was happy with my order and I was! I got another lighter from them and free shipping when they sent me the items to fix my order. These folks take care of their customer at thier cost because a happy customer is way better then a few nickles and dimes. I will for sure be coming back for all my hookah needs. This side may not be the biggest sections but they have the best support and best deals. I am telling you they will take care of you.
I've searched through quite a few hookah dealers on the net and in person and Hookah Hub has by far the cheapest price and most reasonable and fastest delivery even with the basic Fed-Ex home delivery, I will continue to buy from Hookah Hub again and again.
I have never had such great service from a website before! I absolutely LOVE their products!!! I recommend them to all of my friends Great Job!
Hookah Hub has the best service of any online company I have ever done business with. I will continue to be a loyal customer and have encouraged many of my friends and co-workers to order from your site.
Just got my first Hookah today bright and early at about 8. Now that's a good way to start a day. I was worried i wouldn't have it in time for my birthday weekend haha its here now though and I'm happy. I am very satisfied doing business with Hookah Hub. I'll definitely be a returning customer fo shooow! :-) thanks Hookah Hub!
I got my hookah today! I am really pleased with it! It is beautiful and airtight, hits good, and is the perfect size. I was surprised at how fast it got here too. I love it. Thanks guys.
Really fast delivery, great service. You will never get such a good tasting Tobacco in Germany!!! I will buy in any case again Tobacco from Hookah Hub! Many thanks from Germany!
I was very impressed with the speed of the delivery as well as the quality of service. I had ordered the base that i wanted in my second color choice because my first choice was out of stock. However, i put a comment on the order that, if possible, i would like the base in red. I thought nothing of it at the time but when i received my order i was shocked that they had actually sent the base in red. Thank you very much Hookah Hub!
I was kinda skeptical about ordering shisha online, but I'm SOOO glad I did. Our shop in town carries only a handful of flavors, but none of my favorites. plus it's a lot cheaper to order from Hookah Hub. Thanks you guys. My friends thank you too.
I was nervous about buying my first hookah pipe but I was very convinced with HookahHub's prices and specials. Their sales staff was excellent and helped me out with my order. I made a huge ordering error and they walked me through the whole process. They really went the extra mile to get my hookah pipe to me ASAP. They even took the time to contact me directly, not just through an automated service (like an email bot). I appreciate the service & commitment and will continue to do my business with none other than Hookahhub. Thanks Monica, and Hookahhub!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
I ordered a 1 kilo tub of your Premium tobacco, delivery was lightning fast! I got two unexpected sample packs with my order. I must say the price, delivery, and utter quality of your product, from the tobacco, to the price and delivery are unmatched! Top notch service, and I plan to buy many, many more kilo tubs from you and strongly recommend you guys to all my friends! It's hard enough to find Kilo tubs, not to mention the quality, speed and price you guys have to offer!
my hookah base got here just when they said it would and with a nice sample of hookah hookah white grape shisha...i thought that was a cheap brand before i tried it for free but i was severely wrong....delicious...thanks guys
I got my order as on time, as promised, packaged well and at a great price! I am very pleased and will be back many more times! Thanks!!!
Great service my order with ground shipping came very fast the products are at a great price thanks Hookah Hub!!!!
First off I would like to say how helpful the staff at Hookah Hub is. I placed my order a few days before thanksgiving thinking that there was not way they were gonna get it to my by the following Monday. HA they did. Second i did not realize that i got free gifts till i opened the box to find samples of hookah hookah tobacco. again thrilled. so i go to the web site and i realize that i was to get free charcoal too. no big deal it was a freebie so i figured they ran out. So i contacted them just to let them know and now they are sending me a roll of the charcoal too. All i have to say is This is now my only place to shop for hookahs and supplies. Thanks Again Hookahhub!!!!
First of all, i would like to thank all of the Hookah Hub staff for their support and good services. i also would like to mention that you guys have the best shisha tobacco in Canada, wallah your the BEST!
I'm very happy to receive my hookah from Hookah Hub. Good support desk help, and the packing of the hookah, etc. was taken with care to prevent damage or breakage thru shipping. Thank you! I just have one suggestion: Offer additional shipping options besides UPS to Canada. I have a major complaint in regards to UPS as I waited 90 mins. at their customer service desk for the shipment come up when I picked up my box. I think Fedex might be a better shipping/brokerage agent than UPS (at least in the Vancouver BC area).
Great service, I will repeat business for sure! Thanks for all the updates and emails, you guys rock!
An honest shopping experience is hard to come by these days, but when it happens, it happens in a memorable way. What caught my eye about this site was the attitude towards the customer. They are really committed here, and it shows. It shows with all of the guarantees which make you feel a whole lot more comfortable with ordering. Also with the fact that you receive EXACTLY what you wanted, and what you expected. I had my doubts about the free charcoal, tobacco, and herbal, but sure enough I received them. I will definitely recommend this site to others, as well as use it myself with ease. Thank you!
We want to say thanks for the quick response to an order we placed earlier this week. The customer service rep. said everything was on back order but within a day of calling in to check status the order was completed and received. We do appreciate the quick response and just wanted to say thanks.
Great selection and good prices
Great service, very prompt! I loved the hookah hookah tobacco and have already recommended you to all my hookah smoking friends :) Thank so much!

This has been the best experience I've ever had online. These guys run a great business and are very quick to respond to you if you have any questions or concerns. I will definitely do more business with them in the future!
As a seasoned hookah consumer who has tried various types hookahs I can honestly say that Hookah Hubs modern hookahs with Persian stems are by far the best. I wish my "Envy" would break so my wife would let me get another one!
I LOVED working with Hookah Hub! Their selection was enormous! I shopped around a little bit when deciding on a hookah pipe, but found these prices to be lowest BY FAR! And did I mention how long it took me to receive it? I ordered it on Friday, and Tuesday afternoon I received it ready to go! You can bet I will recommend this site to friends, and use it myself guaranteed!
Marjaba my friends this place rocks very easy and simple i received all my things in matter of days this is so easy a CAVE MAN can do it!!!!!
I received my purchases in a very timely manner.....2 days to be exact.....would and will recommend to any and everyone!! Thanks for the Great service
I want to thank you all so much. I got everything i ordered and a few extras that i didn't. I ordered on the 13th and got it on the 17th. very fast service fill. not even a full business week. I look forward to doing business with you again.
I have had no better service from any other dealer. They do care about customer service and went the extra mile to help me out... I will only buy from Hookah Hub from now on.
The customer service department is wonderful. Thank you!!
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